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Avamar Failed Backup Query Script–SQL

Posted by on Thursday, 2 June, 2011

Avamar is a great product, I love the backup technology, however, it is lacking in a few areas when it comes to data mining/reporting. I’m assuming DPA makes up for this lack of information gathering, but currently I do not have that luxury. I’ve had to come up with a different way to extract the required data from our Avamar environment. I do this using all the resources available from an Avamar perspective.

The issue I have tackled in this blog post is extracting data from SQL Agent Backups that have “Completed with Exceptions” (status_code 30005). In our environment our DBA’s take databases offline constantly, causing our backups to “Complete with Exceptions”. The problem is Avamar does not have a way to report on the client logs…meaning I had no way to see which databases were offline unless I opened each client log (remotely or via the Avamar GUI) and search through it for the word “offline”. Well not anymore, I wrote the following PowerShell script to automate this process. You can download it by clicking here.

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